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Simon Lomax’s third release for this specialist label, dedicated to “contemporary atmospheric music”, maintains a deep ritual stasis throughout. Aside from the majestic solo violin emerging from opener “Escent” and the waning two-note pulse of “St Michael’s Tower”, this is all sustained distances and rich reverberations, blurring into protracted pieces”
– The Wire

“.74 is a carefully molded piece of slowly unfolding atmospheres and emotions, in which the ebb and flow of sound textures feels very natural. At times its hypnotizing and elevating, but also stays earthbound. Experiencing this repetitive ambient music with some occasional pulse sounds, glitch and fx’s is hard to put into words. It’s like a massage for the mind and very relaxing and holistic one as well. It especially works great when using headphones. Both production & mastering of the album are stunning, so what more can a hardcore ambient fan ask for?”
– Bert Strolenberg – edition magazine

“”Not unlike Biosphere’s Geir Jenssen or BJ Nilsen, Maitreya’s Simon Lomax creates moving ambient pieces which continuously develop to become ever more evocative as each track progresses, eventually building to extremely strong and pertinent collections of atmospheric moments…Unlike its predecessor, .74 took just a year to materialise. Inspired by location and time, Lomax appears to explore the notion of fluidity, articulating each track around a particular theme, yet putting it in relation to the rest of this record to create a consistent thread throughout…Although .74 resembles its predecessor a lot, it also confidently reasserts the scope of Maitreya and that of Lomax’s sound experimentations. Yet, because the focus is almost entirely set on the atmospheric nature of these tracks, .74 fails to deliver in quite the same way as Telluric Waves, but this is not to say that it lacks depth or direction, and therefore remains overall a spectacular release.”
– Milk Factory review

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