why I write music?

In order to answer that we need to answer another question first, why do we listen to music at all?
At its fundamental level we listen to music because of the feelings it evokes or where it transports us. Whether that’s due to the music’s innate sense of rhythm, an embedded emotion, or simply that it holds within it memories of a certain time or place for the listener. Music is a powerful tool that moves us. 
Like a great movie soundtrack enhances our experience of a film, great music can enhance our experience of life.
Humans have explored natural altered states of consciousness for thousands of years, through meditation, trance and plant medicines. It is often talked about how these transcendent experiences bring about a sense of expansiveness, peace, connectedness, time dilation and a quietening of the chattering mind. 
My music seeks to explore these concepts and enhance these effects to the best of my ability. Moving us beyond a purely emotional response, perhaps even helping us toward these transcendent experiences of reality. A means to explore our consciousness and those states not easily described by language alone but by direct experience.
Perhaps this is too grand an aim for a type of music, but, in a world that is increasingly polarised, uncertain and fraught with anxiety it’s definitely worth exploring and worth trying to share with you.
I hope you enjoy listening to my work and joining me in this exploration. 
Simon Lomax - September 2022